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Beijing Takes On the Vatican,, December 27  


How Useful Are America's 'Freelance' Diplomats?  British Broadcasting Corporation, December 22  


The Other Incident in Korea,, December 20  


Talking to Kim Jong Il, Again,  NRO The Corner, December 20  


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China's Galloping Inflation,, December 12  


The One Thing You Need to Know About Lui Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize,  Fox News Opinion, December 10  


Liu Xiaobo: Nobel Peace Prize Widens China Conflict,  The Daily Beast, December 9  


China Attacks the Nobel Peace Prize: "They're Clowns,"  Entanglements, December 9  


Can the Korea Free-Trade Deal Pass Congress?, December 6  


Few Promising Opportunities,, December 3   


How to Stop North Korea,, November 29  


More South Koreans Will Die. Maybe Americans Too,  Pajamas Media, November 26  


Challenging Bullies In The Yellow Sea,, November 24  


Another "Stunner" from North Korea,, November 22  


China's G-20 Victory Rules Out Revaluation: Gordon G. Chang,, November 15  


China Wants to Buy a Stake in GM,, November 15  


Smackdown in Seoul: Obama Gets an 'F' in South Korea,  Pajamas Media, November 15  


U.S. vs. China: A Cold Trade War,  Daily News, November 14  


Obama's Redemption Tour,  Fox News Opinion, November 11  


Carlos Celdran and Asia's Sinkhole Demographics,, November 11  


Showdown in Seoul,  The Daily Beast, November 10  


Obama "Shellacked" Twice in One Week,, November 6  


Will North Korea Bomb the G-20?, November 1  


Name You Need to Know in 2011: Jang Song Thaek,, October 26  


China As They Wish It to Be,  Hong Kong Economic, October 23  


Will Beijing Own the Smithsonian?, October 22  


Currency Armageddon,, October 13  


It's Not About Money, It's About Our Safety,  Fox News Opinion, October 12  


North Korean Succession, Unveiled and Demystified,  Pajamas Media, October 12  


Trouble in Fishing Waters, The Weekly Standard, October 11   


Sending a Message Straight to the People of China,  Fox News Opinion, October 8  


A Nobel for 1.3 Billion People,, October 7  


Goldman Dumps Stock of Chinese Bank,, October 1  


Why Are Chinese Millionaires So Stingy?  Entanglements, September 29  


Another Kim on the Throne in North Korea? Maybe Not,  Pajamas Media, September 27  


China's New Economic Warfare,, September 24  


The Remilitarization of Beijing,  The Diplomat, September 21  


The Chinese Currency Weakens,, September 17  


The Chinese Road Across the Serengeti,, September 17  


The End of China's One-Child Policy?, September 13  


China Hits A Great Wall,, September 9  


The Coming North Korean Coup?  Entanglements, September 9  


Pyongyang's Best Buddy, The Wall Street Journal Asia, September 6  


Obama's Apology Tour,  The Daily Beast, September 5  


Why Did Kim Jong Il Go To China?, September 1  


Jimmy Carter Goes To Pyongyang--Again,, August 24  


U.S. Spends, China Benefits,, August 20  


Targeting North Korea: Let's Think Like a Kim, Pajamas Media, August 17  


Forget What You've Been Told, China Won't Be the World's Second Largest Economy For Long,  Fox Forum, August 16  


China's Coming Property Bust,, August 12  


Beijing: U.S. Must Recognize China As Great Power,, August 6  


The Clinton Doctrine, Made in Asia, Pajamas Media, August 3  


The Confucian View of Shame,, July 31   


Hillary Clinton Changes America's China Policy,, July 28  


China's Spills,, July 21  


Sending Another Limp Message to North Korea,  Fox Forum, July 21  


Will Obama Save North Korea from Collapse? Pajamas Media, July 15  


Why Does China Want BP?, July 14  


Stop Talking with Kim Jong Il,  Fox Forum, July 14  


Perils of State Capitalism,  National Review, July 19  


Why Chinese Men Stink at Soccer,, July 7  


The G-20 Failed, Again,, June 28  


Nuclear Leak In North Korea,, June 23  


China's Move Toward Floating Yuan Is a Ploy,  The Daily Beast, June 21  


The Taliban: World's Next Minerals Superpower,, June 16  


Korea After Kim Has Gone,  The Diplomat, June 15  


China's Military Threatens America: ' We Will Hurt You,'  Pajamas Media, June 14  


U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue: Not Exactly a "Dialogue,"  China Brief, June 11  


The Best and Worst of Times for China's Environment,, June 9  


Japan's First Truly New Government,, June 9  


Hatoyama Resigns--Is Japan Falling Apart?  Pajamas Media, June 2  


Microsoft: Indonesia Is Better Than China,, June 2  


Suicides at Apple Supplier in China,, May 28  


Obama, the Sinking of the Cheonan, and the Failure of Nuclear Deterrence,  Pajamas Media, May 22  


Beijing's Bloated IPO,, May 21  


Immigration, Reform and My 93-Year-Old Dad,, May 20  


Rising China's Fate,  National Security Policy Proceedings, Spring 2010  


China's Columbine,, May 12  


North Korea Sets a New Trap for Obama,  Fox Forum, May 7  


How To Lobby Beijing,, May 6  


The Most Expensive Event in History,, April 29  


When Will China Float the Yuan?  The Motley Fool, April 27  


Beijing's Plan for National Decline,, April 22  


China's New Economy,, April 19  


Adoring China Too Much, The Wall Street Journal Asia, April 19  


Will Japan Default?, April 15  


China's Life-and-Death Economic Issue,  Passages, 2009-2010  


China's Illicit Nuclear Transfers to Iran,  Hudson Institute, April 12  


China's Reign Ends Tomorrow,  The Daily Beast, April 11  


Will China Run Out of Water?, April 9  


China Changes Its Economic Paradigm,  Asia Times, April 8  


Will Obama's Nuclear Policy Make Us Safer?  Fox Forum, April 6  


Nuclear Spring,, April 2  


Google and China's Changing Economic Paradigm,  China Brief, April 1  


South Korean Warship Sinks,, March 26  


North Korea Wants to Nuke Us, So Why Is China Lending a Hand?  Fox Forum, March 26  


Beijing Conjures Up a Trade Deficit,, March 26  


Challenging China,, March 26  


Tigercide,, March 19  


Iran Tried to Buy the Pakistani Bomb. What Was China's Role?  Fox Forum, March 17  


China's Hidden Local Debt,, March 12  


China's Artic Play,  The Diplomat, March 9  


Is China Dreaming of Global Dominance?, March 5  


China Bets Big on America,, March 5  


The Party's Over: China's Endgame,  World Affairs, March/April  


Taiwanese Voters Send Message to Taipei--And Washington,  Pajamas Media, March 1  


Global Trade Fell 12% in 2009,, February 26  


Mr. Toyoda, Welcome to Washington,  Fox Forum, February 23  


Renminbi Roller Coaster,, February 19  


Why China Is So Steamed About Obama's Meeting with the Dalai Lama?  Fox Forum, February 18  


Will China Retaliate for the Dalai Lama Visit?, February 18  


The Trouble with Beijing,  National Review Online, February 17  


Is It Safe to Do Business in China?, February 12  


Beijing's Ultimate Test,, February 5  


Autocrats of the World, Rejoice!, January 29  


START-ing Without China,  The Wall Street Journal Asia, January 27  


In China Bahnt Sich Ein Gewaltiger Crash An,  Welt Online, January 22  


Japan in Jeopardy,, January 22  


China: The World's Next Great Economic Crash,  Yahoo! News, January 21  


China: The World's Next Great Economic Crash,  Christian Science Monitor, January 21  


Politically Incorrect,, January 20  


Hard Sciences Require Freedom, Too,, January 18   


The End of Multilaterlism, The Weekly Standard, January 18   


Google in China's Century,, January 15  


China's Economy To Reach $123 Trillion?, January 8  


Finding Truth in the North Korean Fog, The Wall Street Journal Asia, January 6  


'God Loves You, Mr. Kim. Now Leave.', January 1  












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