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The Coming Collapse of China: 2012 Edition, , December 29, 2011  


The People's Republic of Wukan,, December 29, 2011  


Kim Jong Un's Rise to Power Will Embolden North Korea's Military--And Tighten Ties to China,  Daily News, December 29, 2011  


Don't Worry About China: World Bank Chief Economist,, December 25, 2011  


Will China Absorb North Korea?, December 22, 2011  


China to Restructure North Korea,  NRO The Corner, December 20, 2011  


Kim Jong Il, Dead At 69,, December 19  


The No. 1 Problem of the Chinese Economy,, December 18  


Washington Still Can't Talk Honestly About China,, December 12, 2011  


China's Abnormal Trade Numbers for November,, December 11  


China's Failing Economy Triggers Social Unrest,, December 6, 2011  


As Washington Looks West, New Delhi Should Look East,  IMaCS Virtus Global Partners Newsletter, December 5, 2011  


Last Hope for the Chinese Economy: Consumption,, December 4  


Before the Storm,  The Daily, December 3  


India Cancels Talks with China,, December 2, 2011  


Can China Rescue Its Economy?, November 27  


China Takes on America in a 'Zero-Sum Game,', November 22  


IMF Warns China's Banks,, November 20  


Obama's Fundamental Shift on China,, November 15  


China's October Economic Numbers Confirm Hard Landing,, November 13  


A Nuclear Iran, A Threatened America,, November 9  


Property Prices Collapse in China. Is This a Crash?, November 6  


Shockwaves in Seoul,  The Daily, November 5  


Beijing Praises Its One-Child Policy as World Population Hits 7 Billion,, November 1  


Will Europe Rescue China?, October 30  


Judicial Social Engineering in China Ignites Firestorm,, October 26  


Chinese Ministry Saved from Default,, October 23  


Self-Immolations in Tibet,, October 18  


China's Economy: The Correction History Will Remember,, October 16  


Will China Have a Military-Run Government?, October 11  


China's "Red" Revival: Implications for Business,, October 9  


The Next Greece,  The Daily, October 8  


China and Russia, Parting Ways,, October 5  


Kids These Days,  The Daily, October 3  


The Let's-Get-Serious-about-China Bill,, October 2  


Beijing's Governance Triggers Land Protests,, September 27  


Is China's Economy Contracting?, September 25  


Ma + Obama = Drama,  The Daily, September 24  


The China-North Korea-Iran Nuclear Triangle,, September 19  


How Can China Save Europe When It's Defaulting On Its Own Debt?, September 18  


China's New Colony,  The Daily, September 14  


Taiwan Leader's 'Surrender Tour' to Beijing?, September 13  


The Night My Wife Became an American,, September 11  


Will China Launch a Nuclear 9/11?  Fox News Opinion, September 9  


What Is China Up to in Libya?, September 6  


China, Trade Gangster, Pulls Off Stunning Caper,, September 4  


Tick, Tick, Tick . . . ,  The Daily, September 3  


No Match for a One-Party State,, September 1  


Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack?, August 30  


Chinese Banks Report Outsized Profits,, August 27  


Turn to Japan, Not China,  The Daily, August 27  


The Competition of the Century,  Hong Kong Economic, August 27  


China's Looming Debt Disaster,  The Daily Beast, August 23  


The Historic Implications of Qaddafi's Downfall,, August 22  


Get at Tehran Through Damascus,  The Daily, August 22  


Warren Buffett Beware: Beijing Trashes Its "Garbage" Green Cars,, August 21  


Biden's Trip to China Makes U.S. Look Weak, Not Strong,  Fox News Opinion, August 18  


Chinese Protestors Win Big in Dalian,, August 17  


Biden Goes to Beijing,, August 14  


The Next Global Downturn,  The Daily, August 13  


China Threatens to Use 'Financial Weapon' Against America,, August 9  


Obama Can't Say the Word "China,", August 7  


Sanction Burma,  The Daily, August 6  


China's Rising Labor Standards (or Chinese Robots Do Not Commit Suicide),, August 1  


Beijing Blasts Washington on Debt Crisis,, July 31  


Beijing Wins,  The Daily, July 30  


China Explores the Seabed Near America,, July 25  


Fake Apple Stores in China. Great News for Apple,, July 24  


China's War on Vatican,  The Daily, July 23  


A New Phase in China-North Korea Relations,  Korea's Economy 2011, July 2011  


One Deadly Incident in China, Two Radically Different Versions,, July 19  


The New Space Race,  The Daily, July 18  


How Do You Hide an Oil Spill? Ask China,, July 17  


Implications of China's Economic Penetration of North Korea  China Brief, July 15  


A Hopeful Admiral Mullen Goes to China,, July 12  


Names You Need to Know: Lobsang Sangay, Tibet's New Leader,, July 11  


Selling Out Freedom,  The Daily, July 9  


Compromised,  World Affairs, July/August   


China Now Rules the Waves,  National Security Policy Proceedings, Spring  


Beijing Ambushes Tokyo's Ambassador on Goodwill Mission to China,, July 5  


China Wants to Buy Facebook,, July 3  


China Claims the Sea,  The Daily, July 2  


China's Communist Party Turns Ninety,  Fox News Opinion, June 30  


Beijing Fails to Silence Brave Men,, June 27  


China's "Conflict Handbags,", June 26  


Indian Military Delegation Now in China,, June 20  


Look, Ma, I Found 923,000 Jobs and $48 Billion,, June 19  


Gaps in the Great Wall,  The Daily, June 18  


China Unrest--Instability Grows as China's Citizens Yearn for Something the Communist Party Can't Provide,  Fox News Opinion, June 17  


China's Communist Party: We Will Rule Forever,, June 14  


Is Sino-Forest a Sino-Fraud?, June 12  


China's War on Google,  The Daily, June 10  


Tiananmen's 22nd Anniversary,, June 6  


Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Leaving China,, June 5  


Sell Weapons to Taiwan,  The Daily, June 4  


Bombings Show Growing Unrest in China,, May 31  


Who Turned Out the Lights in China?, May 29  


China at a Tipping Point: What Is the U.S. to Do?  Philadelphia Inquirer, May 29  


Ghosts of Mao,  The Daily, May 28  


China Changes Its North Korea Policy ... Maybe,, May 24  


Is the Chinese Economy Slowing?, May 22  


Meeting the People,  The Daily, May 21  


China Tries to 'Brainwash' Hong Kong,, May 16  


India's Accidental Economic Formula,, May 15  


Stop Talking to China,  The Daily, May 14  


Meet China's Mysterious Crusader: Rollerman,, May 10  


China Imposes Price Controls, Informally,, May 8  


Names You Need to Know: Tsai Ing-wen, Pathbreaking Politician,, May 7  


Dump Pakistan, Embrace India,  The Daily, May 6  


Everyone Is Defriending Jimmy Carter,, May 3  


China-Iran Nuke Pipeline,  The Daily, May 2  


Fatal Attraction: China's Strengthening Partnership with North Korea,  World Affairs, May/June   


China's New Census: The Ancient Country Is Growing Old,, May 1  


China's 'Red Culture': Let's All Sing Revolutionary Songs,, April 26  


Repression In China Is Losing Its Effectiveness and Its People Are Becoming Defiant,  Fox News Opinion, April 25  


Will China Collapse This Year?  Hong Kong Economic, April 25  


Foreign Companies to List Shares in Shanghai,, April 24  


China Overreaches in Crackdown on Christians,, April 19  


Is the People's Bank of China Insolvent?, April 17  


Stay Home, Mr. Carter,  The Daily, April 17  


Beijing Bans Ancient History,, April 13  


A City of 260 Million. Where Else But China?, April 11  


One Step Too Far,  The Daily, April 11  


Is Now the Time to Buy Chinese Stocks?, April 10  


China's Strict New Water Policy,, April 3  


A Fragile House of Saud,  The Daily, April 3  


Chongqing: China's Lab Experiment In Urbanization,, March 28  


A No-Fly Zone . . . Over Syria?, March 27  


Obama's Tripwire,  The Daily, March 27  


Executioner Relents,  The Daily, March 20  


War by Committee Against Libya,, March 19  


Marx Is Long Dead But China's Leaders Love Marxism More Than Ever,  Fox News Opinion, March 14  


The Japanese Disaster: What's Next for Japan? For Us?, March 13  


The Ivory Coast Falls Apart,  The Daily, March 13  


Did China Just Change Its Growth Model?, March 6  


Beijing's Bachelors,  The Daily, March 6  


Oil Shock, 2011,, February 27  


Fear and Loathing,  The Daily, February 27  


Global Food Wars,, February 21  


Mr. Hu, Tear Down This Wall,  The Daily, February 20  


The Final Liberalization of the Renminbi,, February 13  


1, 2, 3, Revolution,  The Daily, February 13  


Mubarak Leaves: The Free World's Historic Task Is Just Beginning,, February 11  


China's 'Copter for Obama,, February 7  


China's Coming Bust,  The Daily, February 6  


Egypt Is the Next Tunisia. What Is the Next Egypt?, January 30  


China's End-of-Cycle Lending Binge,, January 24  


Hu Jintao 'Showing His Tail': Visit Will Encourage Further Belligerence,  Pajamas Media, January 18  


Hu Jintao Is Coming to Town,  National Review Online, January 18  


Take Only Pictures,  The New, January 18  


137.8%: The One Number You Need to Know About China,, January 16  


Gates's Misconceived Trip to Beijing,, January 9  


Beijing Strikes Skype: What's Really at Stake,, January 2  












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