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North Korea: Just a Vassal State of China and Russia?  National Interest, December 30, 2023  


World's Most Dangerous Combination: China and Russia,  Gatestone, December 25, 2023  


Death by Disinformation,  The New Criterion, January 2024  


The Real Force Behind the Houthis' Attacks on U.S. Warships Isn't Iran. It's China,  Newsweek, December 19, 2023  


The World Is at War,  Gatestone, December 17, 2023  


Terrifying Hacks on Critical Infrastructure Have Arrived. America Isn't Ready,  The Hill, December 12, 2023  


With Putin's Fifth Term, China and Russia Will Both Have Rulers for Life,  Newsweek, December 11, 2023  


Should We Fund the 'Nazis' of the 21st Century?  Gatestone, November 28, 2023  


China Is Fueling Hamas Attacks,  Newsweek, November 26, 2023  


Xi Jinping Seems to Be Making Peace, but He Can't Stop Talking About War,  The Telegraph, November 22, 2023  


Xi Jinping Is Killing Our Kids,  Daily Caller, November 20, 2023  


China Is Suddenly Discussing Arms Controls. Here's What It Really Means.  Newsweek, November 13, 2023  


Will America Be at War with North Korea in 2025?  National Interest, November 11, 2023  


China's Dystopian Population Goals: Forced Procreation and 'Industrialized Births,'  The Hill, November 9, 2023  


Terrorists and Saboteurs Are Surging into America,  Gatestone, November 8, 2023  


America's Failed Deterrance of China Has Left Us With Only Bad Options,  Newsweek, October 30, 2023  


Our Response to China Must Be Overwhelming, Not 'Proportional,'  Gatestone, October 30, 2023  


China's Proxy Wars Are 'Encircling' America,  Gatestone, October 22, 2023  


The 'Chinese Dream' Is the Complete Control of Humanity,  The Telegraph, October 17, 2023  


America Is Surrendering Control of the Pacific to China,  The Hill, October 13, 2023  


In China, It's 2008. A Housing Bubble Is Ushering in Financial Crisis,  Newsweek, October 5, 2023  



China and Russia Transforming World,  Newsmax Magazine, October 2023


While China and Russia Test Nukes, Biden Wants to Ban U.S. Testing,  Gatestone, September 27, 2023  


China, Russia and North Korea: A Fearsome but Weak Axis,  The Hill, September 20, 2023  


The West Must Bring China Down,  Newsweek, September 19, 2023  


Time to Declare a 'People's War' on the CCP: All of China Is One Military Machine,  Gatestone, September 11, 2023  


Xi Jinping Isn't Missing G20 to Snub Modi. He's Battling Plots at Home,  The Telegraph, September 7, 2023  


Why Is Europe Helping China Decimate U.S. Tech Leadership?  Newsweek, September 6, 2023  


Why China Could Soon Invade Taiwan,  19fortyfive, August 26, 2023  


On China, an Urgent Issue, There's Only One Candidate to Vote for in the GOP Primary,  Newsweek, August 22, 2023  


Will China, Russia, and North Korea Launch Their Nukes?  Gatestone, August 18, 2023  


As China's Economy, Population Implode, Xi Is Looking to Start a War,  The Hill, August 16, 2023  


Xi Jinping Is Preparing China for War,  Newsweek, August 14, 2023  


Fresno Lab: China's Operation to Exterminate Americans,  Gatestone, August 3, 2023  


Communist China Has Peaked,  Newsweek, July 31, 2023  


China to Wage War on America from the Arctic,  Gatestone, July 24, 2023  


China's Economy Is Spiraling: Will War Be Xi's Distraction?  The Hill, July 21, 2023  


Turkey: "Unfaithful Ally" No More,  Strategika, July 17, 2023  


Do Not Let China Attack America from America,  Gatestone, July 12, 2023  


China's Economy Is Trapped in Downward Spiral,  Newsweek, July 10, 2023  


China's Saboteurs Are Coming to America,  Gatestone, June 29, 2023  


China in Cuba: Nuclear-Armed Communists on the Warpath,  Gatestone, June 23, 2023  


American Businesses Are Enabling China's Genocide,  Newsweek, June 22, 2023  


Secretary Blinken's Visit to China Is One Giant Mistake,  19fortyfive, June 16, 2023  


China's Military Is Nowhere Near as Strong as the CCP Wants You to Think,  Newsweek, June 16, 2023  


China's CCP: World's Most Dangerous Transnational Criminal Organization,  Gatestone, June 1, 2023  


China Is Fueling Chaos and Funding Warlords in Libya--While Biden Stands Idly By,  Newsweek, May 31, 2023  


The Threat of China Is Making Friends of Traditional Foes,  Newsweek, May 19, 2023  


Biden Cowed by China's Aggression,  Gatestone, May 17, 2023  


Is Morocco China's Next Target?  Newsweek, April 21, 2023  


Biden Is Emboldening China to Invade Taiwan,  Gatestone, April 17, 2023  


Confessions of a China Apologist,  The New Criterion, May 2023  


No Money, No Nukes: Time to Bankrupt China's Regime,  Gatestone, April 10, 2023  


Preparing for War With China, U.S. Shrinks Its Navy,  Newsweek, April 4, 2023  


TikTok: America's Do-Or-Die Moment with China,  Gatestone, April 2, 2023  


China Is Pushing the U.S. Out of the Middle East,  Newsweek, March 20, 2023  


China Is the 'Fuel' Behind Putin's War in Ukraine,  19fortyfive, March 19, 2023  


Has Turkey Defected to Russia and China?  Newsweek, March 14, 2023  


China's War Warnings,  Gatestone, March 12, 2023  


Putin Scraps Arms Treaty, China and Russia Threaten To Use Nukes,  Newsweek, February 22, 2023  


China Lasers Hawaii, Prepares for War,  Gatestone, February 17, 2023  


It Was No Mistake: Chinese Balloons Hinting At an Attack ,  New York Post, February 14, 2023  


Why Is America Desperate to Talk to China After Balloon Intrusion?  Gatestone, February 12, 2023  


Balloon Intrusion Shows China's Regime Is Planning for War,  Newsweek, February 10, 2023  


Kevin McCarthy Squares Up Against The 'World's Largest Bully'--China,  Daily Caller, February 5, 2023  


Xi's Power Is Cracking Under the Pressure of China's 'Polycrisis,'  The Hill, February 1, 2023  


Crazy Optimism About China's Economy,  Gatestone, January 30, 2023  


Latin America Is Now China's 'Backyard,'  Newsweek, January 24, 2023  


A Fierce Adversary Has Emerged Against China,  Daily Caller, January 19, 2022  


U.S. Enabling North Korea, So South Korea Wants Nuclear Weapons,  Gatestone, January 19, 2023  


China Will Lose a Billion People By 2100,  19fortyfive, January 18, 2022  


We're in a New Cold War in Space: China Plans to Take Over the Moon,  Newsweek, January 9, 2023  



Protests Leave China More Unstable and Dangerous,  Newsmax Magazine, January 2023


China Is Collapsing in the Face of Covid-And Soon the World Will Suffer Too,  The Telegraph, January 3, 2023  


Do Not Fall for the China-TikTok 'Strategic Ploy,'  Gatestone, January 2, 2023  







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